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How do I know which unit is right for me?

We know that you will enjoy your GoCaddy unit; but to ensure that you maximize your experience, we do have some suggestions on which model is right for you. For those golfers over 185 lbs. and those who play courses with a lot of varied elevation, we recommend our GoCaddy TKI EX. You will never have to worry about the battery life during your round and it will easily tackle those hilly courses. If you play courses with a more gentle grade and weigh less than 185 lbs. our standard high-preformance engine units (1.0 and EX models) will serve you well for years to come!

Is the GoCaddy street-legal?

Every jurisdiction has different requirements and laws pertaining to motorized transportation. Check your local regulations before venturing out in public.

How safe is it?

Many different riders tested the GoCaddy on all kinds of terrain and we tried very hard to “break” our prototypes. After thorough testing, all frame and drive components held up well. It’s still a vehicle though and we will provide a comprehensive operation and safety video that everyone must watch before first operating the unit. Just like anything, if it is operated in a careless manner, you can certainly cause injury to yourself or others.

How fast does it go?

There are two modes – Turbo and Econo mode. Top speed in Econo is comparable to a traditional two-man fleet golf cart. Switching to Turbo mode increases top speed to 32 kmph (20 mph) but also draws significantly more power from the battery. Turbo mode is intended to be used in gated communities or where the GoCaddy is being used as a neighborhood electric vehicle.

Will I be able to lift it in and out of my car?

The heaviest portion of the GoCaddy is the scooter at just under 50 lbs. If that is too heavy for you to lift alone, we encourage you to have someone help you – the young hosts at the bag drop area should be more than willing to assist. Alternatively, you can use a sturdy portable trunk ramp which our site will have available in the near future.

As a golf course owner / operator, what do I need to know about the GoCaddy?

You’re about to embrace the newest technology and, for that, we applaud you. By adding a few GoCaddy units to your fleet, you will immediately improve the pace of play, improve compliance with regulatory requirements such as the Americans With Disabilities Act and attract more golfers. Simply rent them out as you would a traditional cart (fleet units can be limited to Econo mode only) and, if you have a customer that would like to buy one through your pro-shop…..we pay generous commissions.

Does it come in different colours?

To keep costs down, we have requested our first purchase order to have the frame powder coated in gloss black, but will offer custom colour options for an extra charge. Call us for more information.

What sort of accessories can I add?

We are currently sourcing a variety of products that will further enhance the versatility and enjoyment of your GoCaddy. These include, but certainly aren’t limited to: GPS / handheld mounts, cooler bags, gyroscopic cup holders, score card holders, umbrella holders, water bottle holders, LED lighting, basket attachments, etc.

How many rounds can I play on one full charge?

The standard battery set-up includes three 8 Ah lithium ion battery packs for a total capacity of 24 Ah. On a course with significant elevation changes, providing it was operated in Econo Mode, the GoCaddy completed 18 holes with lots of charge to spare. For those looking to extend their range or carrying extra weight, we recommend upgrading to a four battery set-up to increase capacity to 32 Ah (standard on all EX models).

How long does it take to charge?

An on-board built in charger allows the GoCaddy to charge fully in just under nine hours. However, every unit comes with an external charger that can charge the battery in a third of the time, or about 3 hours.

Is the GoCaddy safe for a child?

Scooters are fun for the whole family of course, but we recommend that any portion of the GoCaddy not be used by anyone under the age of 16. Also, if the base unit is being operated as a two-wheeled electric scooter, we strongly recommend full protective gear including helmets, wrist, elbow and knee pads.

How do I protect my GoCaddy from being stolen?

The GoCaddy has an optional “GoKey” FOB that must be within range of the unit in order for it to operate. This feature is also standard on all EX models. You can also secure it to a fixed structure using a standard bicycle lock.